About Us

About Us

No one should sleep hungry

Roti Bank

In India, an estimated 20 crore people sleep hungry daily and about 3,000 infants die due to malnutrition and hunger every day. On the other side of this scene is one where there is huge wastage of food at events and parties. To bridge the gap Mumbai Dabbawala Association (MDA), started on a small scale collecting left over foods in smaller lot (3-5 meals). On 23rd Dec 2017, under the mentorship of Mr D Sivanandhan, Ex Police Commissioner, Mumbai, and Mr Nitin Khanapurkar, Corporate Professional, resources were mobilized to expand this set-up manifold. The NGO collects food which otherwise goes wasted at events and functions, sometimes even from households and redistributes this to thousands of people in slums and on footpath. The NGO has a dedicated helpline to ensure that calls for leftover food are serviced, food is picked up and redistributed Mr Sivanandhan donated the first van for the project at the Lower Parel station to kick start the scheme; plans are underway to roll out additional vehicles shortly. Many of the people being served are children and working adults earning minimum wages, who need assistance to make ends meet. The trust under which this initiative began has now been registered in May 2018 as ‘Roti Foundation Mumbai’ and the team behind this social activity is ready to scale up significantly.


We are a food rescue organization. We pick up freshly prepared food from regulated food businesses, such as hotels, arenas, and cafeterias, and deliver it safely to serve the hungry. It is a simple concept with a simple solution.

Many of the people being served are children and working adults earning minimum wage, who need assistance to make ends meet. It is essential that we redirect perfectly edible surplus food away from the landfill to the people who really need it.

Our Mission

The non-profit initiative aims at preventing food wastage at weddings and functions by collecting excess food and distributing it among the homeless and needy. The acclaimed tiffin delivery network achieves this with the help of dabbawalas who, after their work hours, take part in collection and re-distribution of leftover food.

Roti Bank Van

We are pleased to inform you that first Mumbai Roti Bank van inaugurated by the Former Director General of Police, Shri D. Sivanandhan outside Lower Parel station at 1130 am on 23rd of December with the help of Mumbai Dabbawala Association (MDA).

Happy Numbers

Happy Numbers


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Food Distribution

Fight hunger eliminates waste food!
Every small step of yours can fill an
empty plate
Think about it!
The Team

The Team

Meet the team
Behind the project

Dhanushkodi Sivanandhan 


Ex Police Commissioner of Mumbai. He served as an active member of the special task force in the National Security Council Secretariat

Nitin Khanapurkar


Apex's Global Head of Risk and Compliance and Ex Executive Director, Advisory Services, KPMG – and author of a comprehensive report titled “The Cloud”

Sanket Godbole


CA, CS, CWA CFO & Finance Director with Hershey India.

Taral SK Parekh


A CBT and TA certified therapist working with various eminent corporates.

Sushil Jivarajka


Prominent Industrialist, Independent Director, Ex FICCI chairman

Prof Dr Natrajan


Chairman of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Padmashree award winner



Senior Vice President with HDFC Bank for over 20 years

India has a serious hunger problem and ranks 100th out of 119 countries on the global hunger index

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Rank Position 100
Out of 119 Contries
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No one should sleep hungry
No food should get wasted.

1. We collect food from all available sources

2. We check for quality

3. We transport them to people

4. We distribute the food to the needy

Big Thank You To Our Supporting Organisations


We are tremendously supported by the Aarti Thakkar co-founder Logisyntax


Together We Can

Together We Can Feed The Hungry

Everyday enormous quantities of leftover food at marriages, parties and social gatherings gets wasted. This leftover food, which could have been a boon for homeless and hungry people, ends up been thrown away as garbage while many sleeps hungry on same street

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

You can help us in many ways
a few are below


Make Donation

You can support us by donating. it will help us to bring more food and keep them safe for distribution


Become a Volunteer

Be a good samaritan and help us to take this initiative further


Tell Your Friends About Us

Tell your friend and family about us so that next time someone know what to do with their leftovers.


Media Coverage

Contact Us

Contact Us

Call us or email
or the best pay us a visit.




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